I have no fear, only ambition!
– Tupac Shakur

I’m Nathan, a student and also lead web designer and developer at Leung Enterprises.

I enjoy building useful, innovative, and intuitive web apps. Visit my Github profile to see a few things that I’ve made, or check out the Projects page on this site.

I’m experienced with many cutting-edge technologies on the full stack, primarily within the Node.js ecosystem. On the frontend, I have experience with Bootstrap, Jade, Stylus, AngularJS, and Gulp.

On the backend, I’ve worked with MongoDB, ExpressJS, and Node.js. I’m also experienced with ES2015 and Babel (recently, that’s been the majority of the Javascript I’ve been writing), and I’ve done some mobile application development with the Ionic framework.

For a full list of my skills, experience, and education, please view my resume or visit my LinkedIn.


My email address is [email protected], and I’m also on Twitter as @nathanhleung.